2020 CVMART Computer Vision Developer Ranking List (ECV-2020)

1. Competition Background

The 2020 E-City Computer Vision Developers Ranking List (ECV-2020) is hosted by Shenzhen E-View Technology Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Intel (China) Co., Ltd., China Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Conference (PRCV2020) provides academic support, E-City platform, OpenVINO™ tool suite and UCloud provide technical support.
CVMART Computer Vision Developers Ranking List has been successfully held for 3 sessions since 2017, attracting more than 10,000 developers to participate, and has been warmly praised by the majority of CV developers. ECV-2020 will continue to focus on the computer vision field where artificial intelligence technology is most widely used. It will test and evaluate the algorithms and work submitted by developers, and comprehensively evaluate the accuracy and performance of the algorithms. Discover the engineering capabilities of developers from algorithm development to landing applications, dig out high-quality developer talents, and promote the certification of professional engineering capabilities for computer vision algorithm developers.
For more information, see: https://www.cvmart.net/list/ECV2020

2. Registration Website

Click the link to register: https://www.cvmart.net/list/ECV2020

3. Topic

(1) Flame Identification (https://www.cvmart.net/race/13/base)
(2) Mouse Recognition (https://www.cvmart.net/race/12/base)
(3) Electric Vehicle Helmet Recognition (https://www.cvmart.net/race/14/base)
(4) Fall Identification (https://www.cvmart.net/race/15/base)
This competition is based on the four themed tasks of public safety, security monitoring, bright kitchens and stoves, and traffic safety. It provides participants with a real development environment, actual application scenarios, OpenVINO™ tool suite, industry-wide artificial intelligence training system, Powerful computing power support, etc., help developers to develop online barrier-free development, accelerate model reasoning, and truly realize one-stop competition experience such as online coding training, model conversion, and model testing.

4. Schedule (July 13-October 18)

(1) The competition will start on July 13th, open the name of the forecast, and the contestants can choose the registration questions and fill in the registration information to participate in the competition (multiple questions can be selected).
(2) The competition will officially start at 10:00 on July 20, and the game development entrance will be opened.
(3) The deadline for submission of the competition results at 23:59 on August 31.
(4) Announce the results of the online competition and the list of finalists for defense on September 3.
(5) Online final defense will be held from September 12th to September 13th.
(6) The final results of the competition will be announced on September 17th: After the online defense is over, based on the comprehensive online competition results and online defense results: the total score of the winning teams in the competition = online competition results (80%) + final defense results (20%) , Assess the final award-winning ranking and list of the competition.
(7) From October 16th to October 18th, the awards ceremony will be held at the PRCV 2020 conference in Nanjing.

5. Online Competition Process

(1) Code debugging.
(2) Write training Dockerfile.
(3) Build a mirror image (for training and testing).
(4) Initiate a training mission.
(5) Convert OpenVINO™.
(6) Write test SDK and initiate automatic test.
(7) Complete the test and enter the ranking.

6. Participants

  • The competition is open to the whole society. Individuals, universities, research institutes, enterprises and other personnel can register for the competition. The maximum number of teams is 3.
  • Personnel involved in topic writing and data contact among the organizers of the contest are prohibited from participating.
  • Co-organizers participating in the event can participate in the rankings, but do not participate in the awards and receive bonuses.
  • Each player can only join 1 team, and the maximum number of team members is 3 (only the team leader needs to register with the Jishi platform account to register for the game, and the team leader will supplement the information on the cvmart platform after the announcement of the game result).

7. Review Guests


8. Bonus Setting

  • The awards for each question are the same, and multiple questions can be registered and repeated.
  • 1st place 1 team ¥30000 + Intel® AI NUC Ultimate Edition + 12000 Ultimate points
  • 2nd place 1 team ¥20000 + Intel® AI NUC mainstream version + 12000 Ultimate points
  • 3rd place 1 team ¥10000 + Intel® AI NUC Mainstream Edition + 12000 Ultimate points
  • 4th place 1 team ¥3000 + Intel® AI NUC Entry Edition + 8000 Ultimate points
  • 5th place 1 team ¥2000 + Intel® AI NUC Entry Edition + 8000 Ultimate points
  • *The algorithm of TOP3 contestant has the opportunity to sign algorithm orders with cvmart, and obtain follow-up algorithm benefits
    *Ultimate points can be redeemed for computing power or gifts in the cvmart platform in the future, please refer to the ultimate points description for the exchange rules ( https://www.cvmart.net/document)

9. Registration Method

  • Registration start time: 10:00 on July 13, 2020, Beijing time.
  • Competition start time: 10:00 on July 20, 2020, Beijing time.
  • Deadline for submission: 23:59 on August 31, 2020, Beijing time.
  • Register/Log in to the cvmart Platform: https://www.cvmart.net/,click the link: https://www.cvmart.net/list/ECV2020Complete the registration information, you can register for the competition.
  • Please ensure that the registration information is accurate and valid, otherwise you will be disqualified and the bonus will be cancelled.
  • Competition Forum: http://bbs.cvmart.net/c/match
  • Competition WeChat Exchange Group: Please add the WeChat account of the staff of the competition, 极小东 (ID: cvmart3), please note: name_company/school_topic selected.
  • Competition QQ exchange group: 854350662, you can also scan the QR code below, please note to join the group: name_company/school_topic selected, otherwise you cannot join the group.