PRCV 2021 Call for Competitions

The 4th Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2021) sincerely invites companies or research institutions to organize and host various technical competitions in vision and learning.PRCV is a merger of China Conference on Pattern Recognition (CCPR) and China Conference on Computer Vision (CCCV).It is co-hosted by the Chinese Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG), Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), Chinese Computer Society (CCF) and Chinese Society of Automation (CAA).It is positioned as the top domestic academic event in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision, which brings together domestic and foreign pattern recognition and computer vision theory and application research and industry colleagues to share the latest theories and Technical achievements in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision, providing a wonderful academic feast.

In the competition units of PRCV and its predecessors RACV 2016, CCCV 2017, PRCV2018/2019/2020,the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security,Zhejiang Icare Vision Technology Co., Ltd.,Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd.,Xilinx. Inc,Yinhe Water Drop Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,Piesat Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences、Cardiovascular Imaging Center of Beijing Health Promotion Association,Meitu.Inc.,Unicross Data Service Co., Ltd.,Beijing LenzTech Co., Ltd.,Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Dalian Everspry Sci And Tech Co., Ltd.,ObjectEye(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd.,Nuctech Company Limited.,Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd.,Extreme vision technology co.,Ltd.and other companies and institutions have undertaken video image analysis,Fuzzy license plate image clarity,video annotation,FPGA visual computing,remote sensing image target extraction,recognition of OCT cardiovascular vulnerable plaque,multi-modal video person recognition,real-time classification of short videos,pedestrian counting for embedded terminals,recognition of few samples of shelf goods based on physical self-portraits,military ground target recognition,footprint image personal recognition and information mining, remote sensing data weather information extraction, large-scale pedestrian retrieval, car pattern recognition,bag re-identification, age mining of shoe print image data, automatic scoring OCR, high-speed and low-power visual understanding, field crop disease image recognition、short video content production, flame recognition and other related technology competitions, which attracted thousands of teams to sign up, successfully set up a communication bridge between academia and industry, and strongly promoted the development of computer vision,pattern recognition and related industries.For specific information, please refer to RACV 2016, CCCV 2017 and PRCV 2018/2019/2020 competition unit websites.

Companies or units that are willing to organize or host the competition need to submit the application for the competition to the chairman of the competition unit by email before April 20, 2021. The total bonus of each competition is required to be more than 70,000 (recommended more than 100,000).The result of the application will be notified to the organizer within 2 weeks of receiving the application whether the application is accepted by the conference. The review will follow the principle of small but precise, focusing on considering and supporting competitions that can play an important role in promoting academic research. All accepted competitions will be announced on the PRCV 2021 website.The conference will allocate its own web link for each competition, which will be used to announce competition rules, registration methods and competition results, and provide exhibition opportunities for competition organizers and winning teams during the conference.

The competition application must include the following information:

1. Competition name, applicant email
2. Purpose and significance of the competition
3. Comprtition organizer
4. Competition participant requirements
5. Ways of registration
6. Main time node
7. Way to use contest data
8. Task setting
9. Evaluation method of results
10. Way to submit results
11. Award setting and reward method
12. Symposium organization
13. Intellectual property ownership
14. Registration method of participating teams

For the specific content and form of the application, please refer to the attached Word document. The application form must be submitted to the chairman of the competition unit in the form of a PDF or Word document.

Click here to download the template of the application form

The PRCV 2021 conference will also allocate special seminar time and venues for the competition organizers, and assist the competition organizers to issue award certificates to the participating competition winners. If the applicant of the competition organization has any questions about the above information, please contact the chairman of the competition unit in time.

Chairmen of Competition Unit:

Nong Sang(HUST),nsang@hust.edu.cn
Wangmeng Zuo(HIT),wmzuo@hit.edu.cn
Xiaohua Xie(SYSU),xiexiaoh6@mail.sysu.edu.cn